A new year resolution reviewed

My New Year Resolution - Be More Awesome Than Last Year
I had never made a new year resolution before. But this time around a friend of mine said to me she had made one for herself and was so serious about sticking to them that she emailed the list to her husband. That, kind of stirred me up. I always thought of making new year resolutions as stupid but suddenly for some reason (well, apparently because it came from one of the persons I take seriously) it got me into thinking, “why not give it a try?!”

So I decided to pull strings and put my thinking cap on; listed down things in my life that needed to be worked upon or improved. I neatly categorized them and mentioned few precise points against each resolution on what exactly I was going to do about them. And then I emailed them to not my husband, but to another close friend of mine. I felt proud of myself for having made some realistic resolutions and decided to myself that I’d make sure to keep coming back to the list to do a mental review on how sincerely I was keeping at it. Then, as usual, that list was created at the beginning of a new year, reviewed a couple of times for next couple of months and then guess what – was forgotten! Although, I bore in mind some of the major ones, the others remained just jotted down and were never acted upon.

Today, I came across a Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg about his next book on the reading list for a Facebook community, A Year of Books, and it made me want to open up the new year resolution list that I had kept shut for several months now. ‘Read more books‘ was one of the items in that list. And, I must admit I have not read a single book this year. Although, looking back I can say life has been a bit hectic busy occupied in quitting job to shift and settle down in another country, hopping back and forth to homeland for a couple of planned trips, exploring the places around our new dwelling etc., and last but not the least, Endless-WhatsApp-Group-Chats, I had a dim chance of having an achievement in book-reading intent.

In any case, I went on to check how fairly or otherwise I’d done in other items and I was rather pleased with myself for not having been an absolute lemon either.

The Ultimate To-Do List
An interesting list I came across on Pinterest

For self-improvement, I’ve been managing my time better.

Service to society was almost going to take a back seat I thought because I’ve temporarily discontinued working due to our move to Germany recently. However, I could still donate for a couple of causes like raising fund for Nepal earthquake victims and recently spared some amount for the current Syrian refugee crisis going on. Well, something is better than nothing!

Travelling is coming along in Germany anyway, hopefully, more of which is happening soon to nearby European countries, as soon as I get hold of some self-earned money in this foreign land.

There were a couple of relationship goals as well, which I believe are never-ending processes to take care of, but are good to have listed down.

Career part has mostly gone for a toss under the excitement of exploration of the new land of residence, but I’ll soon have to put that back on track. I had begun to take online German classes initially which had to discontinue after a short time due to various reasons. From June, I decided to home-school myself. It has been going on well and steadily since then.

Also, I’ve been striving towards making the home a near zero-waste one and am working my way towards switching over to reusable and environment-friendly products, relying mostly on organic cosmetics, avoiding plastics how much ever I can (or rather how much the husband cooperates). My biggest achievement so far has been a self-made composting unit. With some online research and a little bit of help from the internet, I compost at home and no longer generate kitchen waste to be sent out.

Last year, I’d managed to shed several pounds of weight from the body and that was not the first time ever I’d done so to become leaner at my own will. But this time, Health & Fitness goals have been begging for focus and determination and I’ve been such a let-down.

So all in all, success at new year resolutions is not about all-or-nothing. For me, it turns out that, with or without consciousness we continue to evolve and improve, but most of the times we fail to observe the change.

Oh, by the way, did I mention jotting down thoughts was one of them? And here, ain’t I doing just that?



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