Cultivate Solitude

Don't be scared to walk alone image

This morning I woke up to see a group chat, where a friend of mine mentioned how she eats alone at the desk because she has no lunch partner and it feels awkward to eat alone at the office cafeteria. Now this is one issue with the present-day, that many of us can totally relate to. These days in the workplace, our environment keeps changing and we can’t always find a group to sit, eat & chat with or have a cup of coffee. Sooner or later we all are going to face this fact. I too realized this only after four years of my own work life. Until then, I had only had some of the awesome friends to chat over lunch and also to share our home-cooked lunch boxes. In the year 2012, I shifted from Hyderabad to Bangalore and I encountered a very unexpected predicament there. In the office, during the lunch hours everybody except me seemed to have friends and it gripped me with a distinct sense of loneliness in hundreds of people around.
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Fake Faces on Facebook

Fake Faces Image

A plethora of Facebook updates these days has overwhelmed me to the point that I feel an urge to vomit out my surveillance made over the span of my Facebook journey — also, to reveal to the mankind how grateful I am to this special feature called, ‘Unfollow’ button on Facebook with just a click of which, I can make all simpletons’ garbage of over-sentimentality disappear. Nevertheless, time and again, I do check them, because foolishness is often the source for many humorous anecdotes. By nature, all human beings enjoy attention, but the question is, how one can do so while being within the limits of dignity. When I mentally picture it all, several characters emerge who seriously fail in this Facebook madness.
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Flashback To Olden Days

Remembering one of those days…

when I had had a fight with one of my parents (don’t really remember which one), and dashed off the house in anger. Then I realized, it was past nine postmeridian or so and apparently not an appropriate time to seek refuge in one of the neighbors’ houses until I had calmed down my senses to move back into the house. Right in front of the house within the compound wall, there stood a large guava tree that we used to climb onto pretty frequently. I badly wanted to get as much away as possible from the family at this time and the timing being perfectly unsuitable for being able to step out without risking myself to potential dangers lurking outside, the guava-tree seemed to be the last resort to remain out of sight while still being inside the parental-safety-circle. I climbed the tree, perched on the favorite branch and found the place as a perfect establishment for fuming out over the thoughts on what just happened inside. Continue reading “Flashback To Olden Days”