Flashback To Olden Days

Remembering one of those days…

when I had had a fight with one of my parents (don’t really remember which one), and dashed off the house in anger. Then I realized, it was past nine postmeridian or so and apparently not an appropriate time to seek refuge in one of the neighbors’ houses until I had calmed down my senses to move back into the house. Right in front of the house within the compound wall, there stood a large guava tree that we used to climb onto pretty frequently. I badly wanted to get as much away as possible from the family at this time and the timing being perfectly unsuitable for being able to step out without risking myself to potential dangers lurking outside, the guava-tree seemed to be the last resort to remain out of sight while still being inside the parental-safety-circle. I climbed the tree, perched on the favorite branch and found the place as a perfect establishment for fuming out over the thoughts on what just happened inside. And exactly what had happened, I have absolutely no recollection of it now.

After some time, I noticed my father emerging out of the house.  I was still pretty mad and the last thing I wanted at the time was to be pacified by them and getting back to talking terms with any of them. So I sat stock-still, to not make any noise and enlighten Dad, who was now standing at the gate and from what I figured was on the look out for something; that I was sitting on a tree branch right above his head. He stood there for a couple of seconds and then went out. Now I started to wonder what business on earth could my father have at this time of the night, outside the house?!?! It was well past the dinner time now. After a couple of minutes, I saw my mother too appeared and with an anxious tone, she started asking our immediate neighbor (who also happened to share the same compound wall with us), if they had seen ME anywhere!

‘OH MY GOD!’ I thought, am I supposedly MISSING right now??? Just around that time, Dad, after having enquired about me in some of my most-probable-hideouts, returned. Now, I had started getting uncomfortable sensing trouble for myself. I quietly descended from the tree, and made myself visible, – to my parents and our neighbors who had also gathered worrying about me.

My father seemed so angry that I could have been thrashed really badly if I had indeed been found anywhere outside the house, but everyone started laughing to have discovered a missing-child out of something as unusual as a TREE! Mom must have been relieved, but my father was more confused than angry to react, now that his child exactly hadn’t run out of the house but had still scared the hell out of them for a while!



4 thoughts on “Flashback To Olden Days

  1. What caught my eye on this post was the image you used. I have seen this image before and may have even written a scenario around it on my blog.

    Nice story though you cannot remember why the argument occurred, My dad and I argued all the time about silly stuff, we never really got on so great, but don’t think I ever ran away, even if it was to a tree nearby.


    1. I on the other hand, didn’t have to argue much with my father. He has always been the coolest dad ever and I can sometimes speak with him for hours over phone now. But then, when there is sibling-rivalry even the coolest of the dads can go crazy!!

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