Preachers of Morality: The ones you can’t escape

Image - Morality From Morons
There is some or the other type of intolerance rising in India at this time, and there’s been an even greater intolerance among some people rising in the denial of the fact that ‘intolerance is indeed on the rise‘. But I am here to highlight the third set of people who hold a permanent place in the society and are always on the lookout for finding a fault with others — and have been doing an excellent job of judging them. These are the people who are intolerant to anything and everything at any point of time.

There have been few instances where they have shown remarkable display of brightness in picking up an unusual twisted side of a case and presenting it to people. Then there some more intellectual set of Facebook (or offline) Janta who do not think twice about the validity of any point of view and instantly propel them forward Continue reading “Preachers of Morality: The ones you can’t escape”


Little Tributes

“To Help or Not to  Help??”

There are people in this world who seem to just know the answer to that question. – “NO”.
Not just the answer to that question, but also an explanation on, why it’s a “NO.” Anyway, those great souls are not the subject here. I want to talk about the other bunch who are unsure of it.

To begin with, and keeping it short, —
There’s no better way to feel like a human!

But that’s not what it’s  all about. It is about the fact that, sometimes a stranger’s life’s incredible amount of fate depends upon us — while we have no cognizance of it. And for that smallest amount of help that comes at the right time, one person can probably remain grateful towards you forever. I read a small piece of another person’s story here and suddenly it prompted me of an event from my own life. Continue reading “Little Tributes”