I think I’m obsessed with Dining Tables!

Image - Dinner Table Talk

In 2015, for the first time in my life, I made a new year resolution. My takeaway from the experience is that when we look back we’ll know where the majority of our time was spent in the last year. All the big accomplishments or failures will be there right in our cognizance. But there will still be that little list of improvements that matter to us, which we consciously keep putting efforts on. The written down resolution makes us reflect on those.

This year too, I’ve made a resolution, which happens to be an upgraded version of that of the last year’s. To me, that is how it’s supposed to be. Things that are attainable items (like learning a new skill etc.) will probably not reappear in the new list but some of the lifestyle improvements will continue to stay. The current resolution piece has something that goes like this, “eat meals at the table with a glass of water — without any electronic distractions.” That sounds scary just by the name if it, isn’t it? Well, nothing is meant to be a rule to follow at all cost. If I’d found it not worth the effort, I’d drop it. The idea was to mindfully eat for the sake of developing a healthy eating habit (a glass of water with the meal inhibits over-eating and improves body metabolism) and my attempts at reducing my addiction to the virtual world. I admit, I’m addicted to the internet and well, who isn’t these days? Three months into 2016, I can safely say I have been practicing this tiny strategy fairly notable amount of time and I am quite positive about the idea of eating like this. Only the sitting-with-the-phone-away initially feels like the difficult part, but once I settle down, I find so many thoughts that start to flow into my mind, and I reflect on those with so much ease. Recollecting memories of the past, remembering family and friends, measuring pros and cons of our plans, contemplating the future, all these begin to occur in an organized manner. Now that is something I hadn’t intended. It’s a byproduct of my eating at the table. I feel like I am having a little conversation with my own mental self and I enjoy it.

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