How happy are ‘Birthdays’?

Facebook Birthday Notifications

How much do people mean it when they wish you ‘Happy Birthday’?

Or ‘Happy Anything’ at all? It seems that in this clichéd world of everyone seemingly being in a race to show off fake enthusiasm, I am running in the reverse direction. I sometimes wonder nowadays, what really matters to people in the name of relationship? ‘Celebrations’? Well of course they do! But why does it only have to be in the specific form of cakes, candles, cards, and parties? To me, a perfect celebration is where one doesn’t feel compelled to show love by material means, or for that matter no obligations at all!

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Preachers of Morality: The ones you can’t escape

Image - Morality From Morons
There is some or the other type of intolerance rising in India at this time, and there’s been an even greater intolerance among some people rising in the denial of the fact that ‘intolerance is indeed on the rise‘. But I am here to highlight the third set of people who hold a permanent place in the society and are always on the lookout for finding a fault with others — and have been doing an excellent job of judging them. These are the people who are intolerant to anything and everything at any point of time.

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Fake Faces on Facebook

Fake Faces Image

A plethora of Facebook updates these days has overwhelmed me to the point that I feel an urge to vomit out my surveillance made over the span of my Facebook journey — also, to reveal to the mankind how grateful I am to this special feature called, ‘Unfollow’ button on Facebook with just a click of which, I can make all simpletons’ garbage of over-sentimentality disappear. Nevertheless, time and again, I do check them, because foolishness is often the source for many humorous anecdotes. By nature, all human beings enjoy attention, but the question is, how one can do so while being within the limits of dignity. When I mentally picture it all, several characters emerge who seriously fail in this Facebook madness.
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