Flashback To Olden Days

Remembering one of those days…

when I had had a fight with one of my parents (don’t really remember which one), and dashed off the house in anger. Then I realized, it was past nine postmeridian or so and apparently not an appropriate time to seek refuge in one of the neighbors’ houses until I had calmed down my senses to move back into the house. Right in front of the house within the compound wall, there stood a large guava tree that we used to climb onto pretty frequently. I badly wanted to get as much away as possible from the family at this time and the timing being perfectly unsuitable for being able to step out without risking myself to potential dangers lurking outside, the guava-tree seemed to be the last resort to remain out of sight while still being inside the parental-safety-circle. I climbed the tree, perched on the favorite branch and found the place as a perfect establishment for fuming out over the thoughts on what just happened inside. Continue reading “Flashback To Olden Days”


A new year resolution reviewed

My New Year Resolution - Be More Awesome Than Last Year
I had never made a new year resolution before. But this time around a friend of mine said to me she had made one for herself and was so serious about sticking to them that she emailed the list to her husband. That, kind of stirred me up. I always thought of making new year resolutions as stupid but suddenly for some reason (well, apparently because it came from one of the persons I take seriously) it got me into thinking, “why not give it a try?!”

So I decided to pull strings and put my thinking cap on; listed down things in my life that needed to be worked upon or improved. I neatly categorized them and mentioned few precise points against each resolution on what exactly I was going to do about them. And then I emailed them to not my husband, but to another close friend of mine. Continue reading “A new year resolution reviewed”